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You've already sensed that Something Big is changing, and making the impact that matters to you is going to require doing things in very new ways.

The Guide to Surviving the Fusion Economy will help you make sense of the big issues. But putting that into action for yourself, your career and your community... that's another issue. To make this transition, you're going to need to change some fundamentals about how you think and work -- and no PDF can do that for you.

This is why I created the Change-Maker’s Toolkit - a set of resources that will help you put your new understanding fully into action.

The Change-Maker's Toolkit includes:

✔ Your subscription to Future Here Now -- my special newsletter for Fusion Era Change-makers. Each issue delivers the kind of news that helps us understand how this new era is unfolding at this very moment, along with analysis and specific activities you can do to help put what you're learning into action!

✔ Your copy of the groundbreaking book, The Local Economy Revolution Has Arrived: What's Changed and How You Can Help. Relatable, enjoyable and personal stories that shed light on the key underpinnings, implications and essential skills that will drive Fusion Era success - for you, for your change-making work and for your community.

✔ The First Principles Journal, a guided evaluation tool that helps you, see, anticipate and succeed as your community changes.

You also get a private channel for your questions and comments, shared only with other subscribers.

I built this Kit to be the kind of guidance I wish I'd had when I was first trying to figure out why everything I'd been taught wasn't working.

If you are serious about building a career as an effective change-maker (no matter your degree or field),

And you are serious about helping the communities you care about thrive in the face of all the future's uncertainties,

Then you need the Change-maker's Toolkit!

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