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You've demonstrated that you appreciate the challenge and the opportunity that the transition to the Fusion Era represents for you, your work and your community. That's amazing. We need more like you!

But I know from years of my own experience that being a Future-Ready Change Maker can be a lonely road. Co-workers, bosses and community members often don't understand, and sometimes they see the steps that you know need to be taken...

as a threat.

Chances are you need more than insight and information. You need a circle of fellow change-makers who can walk with you, problem - solve with you. People who understand your passion, your challenges and you mission.

This is why I created the Future Ready Change Maker Support System - a master class-like regular get-together to build our skills and our collective strength.

The Support System is a monthly online convening that allows all of us to learn, and to learn from each other. Each Support System event includes

Private round table conversation with a changemaker I think you should know

✔ Time for questions and answers about the conversation and any other issues you want to talk about,

✔Direct conversations with me and other change makers - no chat boxes and no moderators. Just real conversations with impactful people you might never meet otherwise.

I designed the Support System to be the kind of community I wished I had - people who get are striving for a vibrant future, for themselves and for the communities they care about.

If you are serious about making an impact,

And you are serious about helping the communities you care about thrive in the face of all the future's uncertainties,

Then you need the Change-maker's Support System.

You get full access to the Toolkit and the Support System for only $19.99 per month, or $239.99 per year.

You will get a refund / cancellation of the Kit, since that's included in this offer.

That's 25% off the regular price!

Use the code CHANGE25 at checkout.

Don't delay. The future isn't waiting for us.

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